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We’re in support of women.

March 17, 2021 3 min read

We’re in support of women.


Places to easily access mental-health and wellbeing or support in a crisis.

It actually sucks that we’re writing this in 2021, but in light of certain recent events regarding women’s safety in the past couple of weeks we know, we aren’t the only ones out there feeling a little dismayed or perhaps triggered. If you don’t want another reminder of the names and events, scroll down to the list of support services, online communities and crisis lines that may be helpful to you or your loved ones.




TRIGGER WARNING. Commentary around workplace violence and rape: 



In Australia, the story of Britney Higgins’ workplace encounter is sadly one we’ve heard from too many friends in the past. Likewise, the historical allegations Australian cabinet minister Christian Porter faces and the ensuing disbelief and victim-blaming is rhetoric we wish wouldn’t keep surfacing. In the UK, Sarah Everard represents yet another woman who just wanted to come home safely. We’re still waiting for Breonna Taylor’s death to be brought to justice in the USA.

At yesterday’s #march4justice rallies across Australia. The anger, apprehension and emotion were rightly palpable. Jess Hill delivered this rousing speech that sums it up too well. We’re angry and we’re tired. 


We’re sick of hearing #notallmen. Even though this video maybe a month old, Harvard expert Evelyn Koh eloquently sums up how problematic the old adage is and it couldn’t be more timely for today.

In support of our sisters having a hard time with the barrage of potentially triggering and emotionally draining news, here’s a list of online support communities and services that may be useful in a crisis, or to support you or a friend through tough times.

We believe in you, we believe you and we’re here for you.

Crisis Lines and Physical Help / Support

RESPECT Support Services - A list of services for victims of assault and domestic violence for every state in Australia (with a quick escape button).

Berry Street - Offer free specialist family violence services to victim-survivors, including LGBTIQ+ people and children, who have experienced any form of family violence (with a quick escape button).

WIRE -  Free support, referral and information for all Victorian women, non-binary and gender-diverse people (with a quick escape button).

CASA Forum (Centres Against Sexual Assault) - works to ensure that women, children and men who are victim/survivors of sexual assault have access to comprehensive and timely support and intervention to address their needs. They are also the operators of the Sexual Assault Crisis Line in Victoria.

Communities and support groups

Council of Single Mothers & Their Children - Join a movement of single mothers keen to participate in a variety of ways, from receiving training to act as a delegate to taking a small action to communicate our strength in numbers via key campaigns.

Her.Platform (by The Centre for Women and Co.) - Built to offer women, with different life stories and backgrounds, space where hearts can be heard, dreams can be recognised and ideas can be launched, scaled and celebrated.

World Pulse - An online community where you can experience the power of a worldwide sisterhood. Connect with women across 190 countries who are speaking out, building solidarity, and changing lives.

South Asian Women’s Wellness Space - Designed for South Asian (Punjabi, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi women), culturally diverse immigrant woman and indigenous woman in need of sisterhood, a nurturing community or those who are having a tough time.

Relationships Victoria - Offer a variety of programs to help women explore their lives and concerns in a supportive environment.

Want to donate? Places that support women in crisis

Women’s Community Shelters - More than one in two women across Australia who seek a bed in a crisis shelter are turned away every night, mostly due to a lack of space. WCS relies on vital donations to continue its important work

Mettle Gifts - Creating gift boxes that are delivered Australia wide - employing training & empowering survivors of domestic & family violence.

UN Women - When you empower a woman, whole communities benefit. Join UN Women Australia as they improve the lives of women and girls in over 100 countries around the world.

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