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Step into New Beginnings with us...

October 17, 2023 2 min read

Step into New Beginnings with us...

Life thrives on curveballs. What counts is how you swing.

Throughout this journey, we've realised that anticipating change is the linchpin. It launches you forward, handing you control to shape your story's upcoming chapters.
The past 8 and a half years of She Lion have been a whirlwind of triumph and grit, with change and disruption as our constant companions. And now, once again, change is here. 

We are simplifying to accelerate, both figuratively and literally.

We are in the midst of a workplace revolution. How work fits life and how life fits work, it’s all being reinvented – and this includes handbags.

To cater to these evolving needs, She Lion is now focusing on one standout design, The Negotiator Backpack – a signature style updated to better meet today’s market needs. We’ve enhanced its features, making it lighter, more compact, and available at a more accessible price point. Pre-orders will go live next month.

We are clearing all stock to make way for the future.

As we reshape to align with this new strategy, we are:

**The last day to buy She Lion from The Iconic, Wolf + Badger, Ucart, and Octanner will be 31 October 2023.

Doing things differently is not just possible – it's transformative. 

The idea of a distinctive work bag with organisational interiors that defied norms, putting the woman in focus, was groundbreaking as we navigated corporate offices pre-COVID.
Then, enter the pandemic, changing the rules of the game and reshaping the problems we addressed. Swiftly, we joined forces with 22 businesses, uniting around a vision to spotlight Australian manufacturing capabilities and embrace backyard potential during lockdown.
While Australian-made apparel isn't new, our "zero-to-wear" approach was. Our case caught the attention of the Australia Fashion Council and Creative Victoria, championing it as a tool to drive funding and investment in local production.

Now, a workplace revolution – our new twist. 

We intend to champion the art of walking fearlessly.

In the spirit of revisiting our roots to sprint ahead and meeting the market's request for more, we are:

  • rebranding to 'Walk Fearlessly', a name that better captures our essence and our future; and
  • officially launching our new keynote speaking and corporate consultancy arm, aimed at leaders, teams, and businesses who are eager to make a more significant impact, better navigate challenges and harness hidden opportunities (the "CX" / client experience of "You").

Our brand, She Lion, was always about making a difference and empowering women on diverse paths while juggling the many additional things that we, as women, often have to manage. It has always been about demonstrating that doing things differently is not just possible – it's transformative. This evolution is a testament to that ethos, and we look forward to you joining us on this new path.

Thank you for supporting me and the team through the amazing transformation of She Lion from one idea to where we are today.

I can't wait to introduce you to the new streamlined website and walk fearlessly through our new vision for the business. 

Head here to get 50% off everything in stock!

With eager anticipation and profound gratitude,
Founder, Walk Fearlessly 

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