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Our Philosophy

Reflective both of our products and of women who walk fearlessly…


Fierce Elegance

  • It’s about authenticity.
  • Refinement, beauty and grace in attitude and appearance.
  • It’s a powerful lady-like class, with a touch of sophisticated sass.
  • An authoritative polish and a powerful poise.


Premium Practicality

  • It’s a deep and radiant confidence, built on organisation and beauty combined.
  • A dynamic nature and a useful stylish flair.
  • A pragmatic and decisive conviction.


Bold Ambition

  • It’s that untamed ambition – a non-stop hustle, wild and continuously pushing you to new heights.
  • It’s that unstoppable energy that drives you forward to achieve and push the boundaries with resilience.
  • It’s the knowledge that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, it will just require guts, determination and persistence.


The She Lion Woman

Corporate jungle to urban wild...

She Lion equips today’s modern working woman with a innovative way to complement her power ensemble, never compromising on function or ever killing a good look!

A work bag doesn’t need to be boring.

She Lion is designed for today’s modern working woman. The highly skilled multi-tasker who embraces her femininity and is resilient and ambitious. She has strong intuition and appreciates who she is as an individual. The woman who regularly works online, is required to be dynamic and innovatively flexible with her workspace. She likes to feel organised when on the go and able to travel between offices or transition from office to evening, or office to weekend, seamlessly carrying technology and other essentials with sleek elegance.

With this in mind, the She Lion woman is also an aspirational archetype that speaks to those women aspiring to hold and exercise these qualities. They may have just entered the business world – or be at varyingly levels of their journey. The heart of She Lion is to inspire women across the board to be who they are and to be their best.

Women should be equipped for whatever challenges they face in today’s modern society and She Lion aims to help women face those challenges fearlessly. She Lion is not just about premium practicality and beautiful handbags - it’s about empowering women, being true to your essence and reiterating that anything is possible with a bit of guts and determination.