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Great Advice: If you could carry one piece of advice in your bag for life or business, what would it be?

May 10, 2023 5 min read

Business advice for women

The She Lion Community (you) comprises an incredible mix of talented and inspirational people who are fearless leaders, professionals, motivators, agitators and everything in between.

We recently asked this question to our community: “If you could carry one piece of advice in your bag for life or business and beyond, what would it be?" with a $300 She Lion voucher up for grabs to thank the winner for their answer.

WOW - we received such an incredible influx of well-constructed and inspirational answers that we absolutely had to share them with you! We struggled so hard to pick a winner that we awarded three additional runner-up prizes of $100 each.

These were the winning answers:


💡 “Success is subjective. The main definition of it is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”, so define your own success. And surround yourself with people who believe in your style of success. It's always a good look. 😎” - Ren


“People who put you down and don't believe in you aren't worth your time and space. Setting boundaries for yourself shows strength and is the ultimate “I am worthy”. Surround yourself with love and kindness <3” - Alexis.

"If you don't ask, you don't get" - too often, women stay in the background and don't ask for important things to them. I've learned that it doesn't matter what the context is; the best way to ensure you get what you need is to ask for it. The worst that can happen is that they say no.” - Nicole.

“I walk fearlessly, knowing the concept of radical acceptance. Through some pretty devastating struggles, I have learnt that acceptance doesn't mean we are okay with what is happening to us, but it helps us cultivate a bit more peace and reminds us to sit with our emotions rather than fight against them.” - Erin.

The other stunning answers ran along many varied themes but ultimately reflected generosity's empowering and compassionate nature with your words…

🎯 Some of you delivered short and sharp snippets of motivation:

  • Start with what you know for sure. - Stef
  • Go for it! - Brooke
  • I'm the boss! - Kelly
  • Be kind, mind your business & eat your vegetables. - Raeleen
  • Everything is learnable, do it now or never. - Rachel
  • Do no harm, take no shit. - Natasha
  • Find ‘Joy’ in the gift of laughter! - Margaret
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes and friends. - Vicki
  • Head up, shoulders back, and carry on. - Sonya
  • Always be uplifting and encouraging. - Sherie
  • Always be true to yourself. - Kathy
  • Life is short; chase your dreams. - Amber
  • “Stop overthinking” - it's the biggest killer of progression. - Kim
  • Be present and be the best version of yourself. - Truc
  • Enjoy Life. Worry Less! - Margi

📦 So many of you demonstrated the value of setting significant boundaries:

  • It's okay to have balance. Work doesn't need to be all-consuming, and it's okay to take time to relax and enjoy life without the pressure of needing to be productive. - Jess
  • Whatever you do, always be true to yourself because those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter. - Danielle
  • "Don't let roommate problems become marriage problems”. My partner & I lived apart due to work/pandemic situations, and when I had our baby, we could finally be in the same state again. So new baby + newly living together made for some fun times!! I liked how this quote reminded me not to think about the little things that would irk me and instead focus on all our blessings together. :) - Joss.
  • Always do the things you love - be with friends you enjoy, work at places you want to be (ask yourself every day whether you are happy to go to work), and if it's not what you want to do, change it - you are the master of your own destiny. - Geraldine

💡 There was exceptional advice about where you seek inspiration and guidance:

  • Study the habits of those that have the results you desire, and then do the same. - Amy
  • Don't accept criticism from a person if you wouldn't trust their advice. - Ashley
  • Network collect people gems and treasures on your way. Fill your bag with lots of resources you can use. Know you're worthy of your success. - Sharon
  • Listen to all advice and ask questions to ascertain how the advice giver came to that conclusion, but then only action what feels suitable to you and for your circumstances. Whether it be in life, business, or parenthood, listen. But nobody knows your specific situation, exactly your needs or wants, how you're feeling and how you want to achieve your goals better than you. Trust yourself and your instincts. - Kim
  • When the going gets tough, and it will never, ever be afraid to seek help. People want to help you, and they will. Please reach out and ask. - Elisé
  • The people who matter most accept and love us for who we are. The opinions of others are irrelevant. - Kate

💪 We loved the theme of backing yourself and walking fearlessly:

  • I use this for myself and others all the time. It's a reminder when impostor syndrome or other doubts assail: "You're not here by accident.” You've worked hard for this; others have recognised that, which is why you're here in this room. It's not an accident. - Magdalena
  • Not to waste time worrying about what other people think of me! I am comfortable in my skin, and that's all that matters! - Fiona
  • With hardship comes lessons and, thus, opportunities. NEVER give up on yourself. - Geraldine
  • Every "no" opens another door to possibility and more. Positivity is contagious, manifestation is tangible, and let the lion within know how you really feel. - Nicole
  • For every door that shuts, another will open. Be positive. - Lea
  • Be kind, Be strong and be patient with a listening ear. But trust your gut. - Sharon

🧗 Rising to the challenges with bold ambition was fierce:

  • Face your challenges fiercely, for they lead to bounteous growth, and create opportunities and endless possibilities! - Hazwana
  • What are you waiting for?' You may never be rich, skinny, or prepared enough, so do it now. Say yes, be brave, take chances and believe you are exactly where you need to be. - Leanne
  • Don't be afraid to fail: failure is a natural part of life, and learning from those experiences is essential to grow and improving. - Belinda

🙏 Gratitude is a practice we could use more of:

  • Each day my advice would be to carry gratitude, for the simplest things fill you more. - Carolyn
  • Always be grateful for the good stuff, no matter how small. - Jessica
  • Be grateful for what you have: Focusing on the positive aspects of your life and expressing gratitude can boost your mood and create a more positive outlook. - Chelsea
  • That life is a journey and we will all have good and difficult moments along the way. However, we can look back and learn from those experiences to help us in the future. - Annalise

And last but not least, this sage piece of wisdom from Tori: Use hand cream - not for just your hands but also your elbows, lip balm, and insect bites, and I have also used it to tame fly-away hairs!

Business Advice for Fearless Women

What a great advice list from a fierce group of people! We can't thank you enough for giving up your time and energy, and we hope that if you're reading this and looking for a little nudge, this leaves you with an extra skip in your step.

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