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Meet Sheree Rubinstein- Founder of One Roof

April 28, 2022 5 min read

Meet Sheree Rubinstein- Founder of One Roof

Sheree is the Founder of One Roof which was well known as Australia's leading co-working space dedicated to women-led business. Sheree had to completely pivot the business when the pandemic hit in 2020 and now runs One Roof as a fully digital membership for female leaders and entrepreneurs. In less than one year she has grown the business to 700 members Australia-wide, hosted 200+ masterclasses and had great success amongst the community.

Sheree is a regular public speaker on topics including women in business, entrepreneurship and leadership. We were absolutely stoked to have the chance to chat with Sheree about her secrets to success and find out more about her mission to champion and support women in business.

Tell us about yourself?

Much like the Founder of She Lion, I am an ex lawyer turned entrepreneur.

I followed my passion for supporting women and closing the gender gaps in business to launch One Roof 7 years ago. It was a massive and scary leap into the unknown but to this day the best decision I have ever made!

One Roof used to be the leading co-working space for women in Australia (and voted top 5 spaces globally). I had massive plans to expand and build a co-working empire. And then Covid hit. It changed everything for me. I pivoted the business and now run One Roof as a digital network for ambitious women.

Our mission is to increase the number and success of women leaders and entrepreneurs.

I love learning and building an online membership and digital business. It's a new world for me! I am a mum to a 2-year old and my second is due in June. I am also on the board of the Victorian Women's Trust and do a lot of voluntary work supporting and mentoring women.

Did you always know you wanted to start Oneroof?

Definitely not. I had no idea what I wanted to do.

At school I loved reading and writing and thought maybe I'll write for a magazine. But I did well at school and so my parents encouraged me to pursue a career as a lawyer.

I always felt like a fish out of water while studying and practicing law. It wasn't until a friend asked me (1 year into my time working in corporate law) whether I identify as a feminist that I started a journey of uncovering what this meant. I found my voice and my passion. I realised that so much of my own fears and insecurities and self doubt stemmed back to feeling like I am not taken seriously enough because I am a woman.

I work tirelessly every day to smash through this BS and the conditioning and gender stereotypes that have held me back and obviously most women in the world!

My parents have run their own business ever since I was born and ran it from home. We always joke that we literally grew up in a business. In hindsight it's now obvious there was an entrepreneurial spirit in my family that has rubbed off on me! My grandma worked full time as a real estate agent until she was 85, my dad is the hardest working person I know and my mum worked full time while being the primary carer of 3 children. You can imagine the kind of work ethic that has rubbed off onto me!

How did Oneroof begin?

I started by running networking events and focus groups bringing women together (this was 7 years ago when there wasn't much happening exclusively for women) and asking women what they felt was holding them back and what they needed in order to truly succeed. My events started as 15 women around a dining room table and grew to 300 person events.

But I wanted to do more than run events.

Through garnering insights from running focus groups I came up with the idea of creating a physical hub that provides everything women need to succeed in business all under One Roof - hence the name One Roof.

I tested the concept in an Airbnb home literally converting the home to a pop up co-working space for an entire week. At the time co-working was on the rise and spaces for women was very novel. In one week 500 people came through the doors and loved what I had created. I was on to something!

I had a biz partner at the time and she moved back to the USA so we continued testing the concept in Melb, Syd, LA and NYC building a global network and community for women before I settled on a site in Melbourne where I set up the leading co-working space for women-led businesses in Australia.

What do you do each week that gives you energy?

Work with and support women.

I love coaching, facilitating and helping women solve their most frustrating business challenges. I am an extravert and get so much energy from meeting new people, hearing their goals and challenges and being a support to them. I love nothing more than supporting women to do things they never thought possible and to help them reach their fullest potential. I also love networking, speaking and inspiring audiences and sales and partnerships.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt since the pandemic arrived?

To slow down and that so much magic comes from the times when we are moving slower, are more connected to our needs and take time to retreat and rejuvenated.

I used to think I need to move quickly. I subscribed to the hustle culture but I don't believe in it anymore. It doesn't serve me.

Who or what have you been looking to for inspiration and motivation lately?

I am part of a WhatsApp group called Women in Web 3.0.

I am learning a lot about the Metaverse from other women and the conversations in this group. It's a whole new world and I already feel so out of the loop! I also gain inspiration every day from our members, their wins and successes.

If your collective business experience was in a handbag, what key pieces of advice would you carry with you everywhere?

We all experience imposter syndrome, self doubt and insecurities. Sit in the discomfort of it, know it means you are "in the arena" as Brene Brown would say, giving things a shot. Don't let it get you down. Harness and channel it to keep going.

And ask for help. Don't sit in "stuck-ness" for too long. There's always someone and especially in the One Roof community who can help and who has experience in an area I feel stuck in.


What are you reading or listening to at the moment?

I am in the third trimester of my pregnancy so I am readying a birthing book called Birth Skills. I know its not business-related but very empowering for women. Before that I was reading Subscribed by Tien Tzuo.

I love the LADY BRAINS podcast as they interview lots of female entrepreneurs and there's lots of sage wisdom to learn.

And I have a pile of One Roof member books to get through haha!

Anything exciting for the future that we can share?

Having a baby :)

We are running Inner Circle  which I am really excited about. I believe in the power of curated women's circles and helping women find their board of advisors. I am hoping this becomes a signature One Roof offering.

We are also helping to run ReferHER  which is an amazing program and offering for women running businesses based in Sydney and I encourage everyone to apply!

Finally, we will soon be announcing two major virtual conferences UNSPOKEN (May) and our Women in Tech Summit (in September).

Thank you again for all you do for women in business and for She Lion Sheree! You can connect with Sheree on LinkedIn.

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