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Meet Evana De Lune - Performer & Burlesque Mogul

June 28, 2023 7 min read

Evana De Lune - Melbourne Based Burlesque Artist

We were ecstatic to have the pleasure of interviewing Melbourne-based performer, teacher, artist muse and business owner Evana De Lune.

Join us as we peel back the layers of Evana's life, exploring the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped her path and helped her to become the fearless leader and powerful burlesque business mogul she is today. Evana's advice is nothing short of inspirational, powerful and fierce, and we can’t wait for you to read it!

Tell us about yourself: What or who made Evana De Lune?

My foray into the enchanting world of burlesque was serendipitous. My initiation began at an engaging burlesque workshop I attended with my then-girlfriend. The provocative allure, the empowering narratives, and the unapologetic positivity of this performance art immediately captivated me and gave birth to Evana De Lune.

In no time, I immersed myself in group classes at the renowned Maison Burlesque in Melbourne, a cornerstone in the Australian burlesque scene. Here, I discovered my true calling. My previous dance experience seamlessly merged with my newfound passion for burlesque history, guiding me to become an instructor and educate others about this remarkable art form.

Now, as Evana De Lune, with over half a decade in the burlesque industry, I proudly wear the twin hats of a performer and educator. I have taken my performances and interactive burlesque workshops across Australia, propagating the crucial message of body positivity and self-love, something every woman across our nation deserves to embrace.

My journey encapsulates the transformative power of this performance art.

“As I continue to break new ground in the burlesque scene, I am committed to inspiring and empowering women through my performances, teachings, and workshops.” - Evana De Lune

Burlesque Performer - Evana De Lune

What does a typical day look like for a full-time artist and performer?

Like any true Melburnian, my day starts with a refreshing coffee, fueling my creativity and productivity. (I'm a Soy Cappucino girl.)

Following my morning ritual, I delve into the business side of things as Evana De Lune. Handling tasks such as administration, strategic planning, and accounting, I ensure everything operates smoothly behind the scenes. Every enterprise can thrive with effective marketing, and as such, I invest a good portion of my time strategising on how best to reach and engage my audience, as well as promoting the unique facets of burlesque.

My weekday evenings are a burst of creative energy. Whether engaging in photoshoots, modelling assignments, designing enchanting costumes, or crafting innovative burlesque acts, each activity adds a new layer to my role as a performer. Hours of dedicated rehearsal fine-tune my performances, infusing them with the grace and charisma that are the hallmarks of Evana De Lune.

As the weekend draws near, my focus shifts towards travelling. Most weekends see me take a flight to different cities and touring my burlesque performances and interactive workshops.

These trips allow me to share my art with diverse audiences and will enable me to imbibe new cultural experiences that further enrich my performances.

To summarise, a 'normal' day for me is busy, fuelled by an unwavering passion for burlesque. Even though I work seven days a week, each day feels like a new adventure in the exciting world of performance art. After all, there's no greater joy than doing what you love.

Who inspires you to #walkfearlessly? Who do you look to for inspiration and motivation?

The journey of Evana De Lune, my alter ego in the world of burlesque, is fueled by the unwavering inspiration and motivation I find in remarkable individuals.

When it comes to walking fearlessly, few inspire me as much as the iconic figures who have graced the stages of burlesque throughout history. Dita Von Teese, a true modern-day luminary, embodies elegance, determination, and unapologetic confidence. Looking further back, trailblazers like Bettie Page, Josephine Baker, and Lili St Cyr shattered conventions, reshaping societal perceptions of sexuality and femininity. Their audacity inspires me to push boundaries and fearlessly follow in their footsteps.

Yet, inspiration isn't confined to the past. Within the vibrant burlesque community, I find motivation and support from my peers who exemplify unity and solidarity. Gina Stirling, a fellow performer and dear friend, is a shining example. Her unwavering commitment to her craft and ability to uplift those around her is a testament to the empowering spirit of burlesque. Through these connections, I find the strength to walk fearlessly and inspire others to embrace their unique paths.

In addition to the individuals who inspire me, I seek guidance from various sources to shape my career as Evana De Lune and navigate the intricacies of the burlesque industry. Films, TV shows, social media, and magazines inspire creativity, offering endless possibilities for costuming, choreography, and artistic expression. Equally important are the honest and creative friends who provide invaluable feedback, ensuring my concepts are constantly refined and captivating.

Regarding the business side of my career, I initially turned to online resources and fellow entrepreneurs within the creative industry for guidance. Their insights and experiences laid a solid foundation of knowledge. Today, I am fortunate to have an exceptional team supporting me in business development and management, offering expert advice to foster continuous growth and success.

“In the ever-evolving world of burlesque, inspiration and motivation come from the remarkable women who have paved the way before me and the network of supportive individuals who walk alongside me.”



What is the most challenging career hurdle you've had to face?

The most significant challenge I've encountered in recent years was my transition to full-time burlesque performer and teacher during the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I couldn't have picked a worse time. However, armed with hard work, determination, agility, and the overwhelming support of my community, I not only weathered the storm, but my business thrived amidst the chaos.

This resilience and capacity for adaptation aren't new to the world of burlesque. It's a legacy inherited from the trailblazing women who refused to back down in the face of adversity. When laws banned nudity, they innovatively responded with pasties and tassels, transforming constraints into artistic expression. The essence of burlesque is in its capacity to evolve and overcome, just as humankind has throughout history.

Motivated by this spirit of perseverance, I navigated the pandemic-era changes, venturing into online burlesque workshops via Zoom, initiating a merchandise line, building a fan club, endorsing sponsored posts and brand reviews, and diving into affiliate marketing.

This daunting period became an opportunity for creativity and growth, underlining the spirit of adaptability deeply ingrained in burlesque and within us all.

What's the best career advice you have ever received that you would carry in your bag everywhere?

The best piece of career advice that has propelled my journey as Evana De Lune and within the vibrant world of burlesque is disarmingly simple yet incredibly potent: 'Just do it.'

It may sound clichéd, but the essence of this message is about breaking through self-imposed barriers and permitting yourself to pursue your dreams. In the context of my career, it meant not just exploring the art of burlesque but fully immersing myself in it, embracing every aspect, from performance to teaching burlesque workshops.

My younger self needed this affirmation, a nudge to leap into the captivating realm of burlesque, and it's a mantra I continue to uphold.

“The road to success lies in our actions, not just our aspirations.”

In essence, the key to success in the world of burlesque, or any field for that matter, is the willingness to take the plunge, to put in the effort, and most importantly, to stop standing in our way.

What would be your top 5 tips for success in your chosen career?

  • Foster kindness - we're in this together, not in competition. Make a living, but have fun.
  • Emulate the best - take classes, and do workshops.
  • Embrace collaboration - share, connect, and achieve together.
  • Accentuate the positive - sidestep drama, cherish the good.
  • Stay informed - Do your research, learn, and improve. Understand the why and the how.

Evana De Lune - Burlesque Powerhouse

IMAGE: Evana De Lune being an icon on Instagram.

What will we ALWAYS find in your bag? What can't you live without?

My She Lion Tycoon Laptop Bag is my reliable sidekick, housing all my essentials that power through my busy day.

At the heart of my operations is my Microsoft Surface Book. It's the nerve centre of my business, and I carry it everywhere. The Tycoon is a marvel, providing a secure haven for my laptop and with undeniable style - the perfect blend of function and fashion.

Next up is my trusty power bank, a lifeline for my phone because I am glued to it more than I'd like to admit. But running out of charge isn't an option when your phone is a gateway to your audience and a canvas for your creativity.

I also always have my wireless noise-cancelling headphones in my bag, I fly a lot for work, and without noise-cancelling headphones, I would probably go insane.

The last two items are probably just handfuls of tissues and the multiple different lip balms that I always forget to take out of my bag.. oops…

What exciting ambitions/news do you have for the future? Anything we can share?

The future is brimming with exhilarating plans!

Over the rest of the year, I'll conduct burlesque workshops across Australia and have some international tours on the horizon. The aim is to continue illuminating stages with my performances, spreading burlesque's positive, empowering message globally. But that's just a peek into the future - there's plenty more to come! I invite you to join me on my journey to keep up with all the thrilling developments. Stay updated by following me on social media. When I'm in your city, don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of burlesque at a show or workshop. Here's to a vibrant and exciting future in the world of burlesque!

Evana is a testament to the power of embracing fearlessness and unbridled self-expression. What a powerhouse! Ensure you follow Evana on Instagram and Facebook and get yourself to a workshop in your city, STAT!


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