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Thriving, Aussie, Women-Led Businesses to Know.

October 12, 2021 3 min read

Thriving, Aussie, Women-Led Businesses to Know.

You can’t go more than a day right now without landing on some news about ‘which businesses are struggling during lockdowns in Australia’. The pandemic is certainly taking its toll on many businesses of every size and industry. 

As we navigate our way through new ways of working, there are some companies that are succeeding and leading the way through incredible pivots, raises and showing us great endurance. The best part, SO MANY of them are led by women! 

The AFR recently reported that women-led businesses are more profitable to back, even during the pandemic. So here are some amazing examples for your inspiration that are absolutely thriving right now!


The $55B Unicorn - Canva 

 Canva Founders and Leadership Team

Powerhouse CEO of Canva,Melanie Perkins is one of the youngest female CEOs of a “unicorn” globally ($1B or more company valuation). 

During the pandemic, the highly popular design tool software company has raised not once, but twice. The latest valuation of more than  $40B USD ($55B AUD) saw Canva net a staggering $200M USD raise.


The Period Underwear Changing Perceptions - Modibodi

ModiBodi Unfiltered Campaign

Modibodi recently partnered with Getty Images in a gallery titled “postpartum unfiltered” to celebrate and highlight the important reality of postpartum bodies. 

The CEO of ModiBodi,Kristy Chong started the company in 2013 and has been working tirelessly to alter perceptions and lack of understanding in the market and are now at the top of their category from  completely bootstrapped beginnings

The Hospitality Tech Taking on the World - Mr Yum

Mr Yum CEO Kim Teo
It took a pandemic, but people finally understand how QR codes work. Something that Mr Yum, led by CEO,Kim Teo has capitalised on with an epic 12 months of growth. 

Raising $11M in Apriland growing steadily month by month, Mr Yum is a rare startup to have been profitable within the first couple of years since inception and has just been named one of the  top Aussie startupsto work at by Linkedin. 

The Co-Working Space for a Digital Community - One Roof

We are One Roof Community
One Roof began as a pop-up co-working space in St Kilda, founded bySheree Rubenstein andGianna Wurz. A once thriving physical co-working community in Southbank for 4 years, the pandemic saw One Roof have to entirely shift focus to an entirely  digital offering

Through grit, determination and a whole lot of community effort, in just 9 months, the community has gained a loyal 500+ paying members and has hosted more than 300 virtual events. Amazing. 

The Health Food Empire You’ll Find Everywhere - Koja Health

Koja Founder Kate
Kate Johansson, the Founder and CEO of Koja Health has capitalised on (healthy) lockdown snacking. 

With people snacking 60% more in lockdown, Kate’s goal and passion is to put real food back on the shelves so customers can have confidence in the health aisle again. Koja Oat Bars have landed the coveted position to be stocked in Woolworth’s health food aisles Australia wide.  Already represented across Coles stores and online, the company is rapidly growing in the very competitive sector. 

The ASX Listed Beauty Company - Adore Beauty

Adore Beauty CEO Tenneale
New CEO of Adore Beauty,Tennealle O’Shannessy was appointed in 2020 and didn’t waste any time in kicking business goals. 

The company has seen the highest levels of customer engagement and retention for 20/21 and is projected to post more than  $173M in sales for FY2021. With the highest number of women on the leadership team of any ASX listed company, Adore Beauty is also paving the way for more women to  re-enter the workforce through their “encorer” program.

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